The past six years have taken us further than we had ever hoped to. The one constant through our journey has been our vision - to evolve into a niche 360-degree data shop with cutting edge critical analysis capabilities and deep domain expertise.

We are your “Business Solutions” partner. Delivering Business Intelligence & Analytics Applications using
niche proprietary technology, or a technology of your choice. Our distinguished clients have helped us evolve and transform. And ensured that our solutions become more holistic, and market leaders...And while we truly enable
“Self-service”...we eagerly await the opportunity to serve you...

This is our story.

Its been a bit of Snakes and Ladders...we, our competition and our ecosystem...they have helped bring out the best in us…we now have a truly scalable and resilient platform coupled with a wide expansive set of business solutions.

It is the age of the millennials...and an interconnected world…the key ask being “information on fingertips”...our statistics too resonate.
We have seen transactions/records grow from millions to billions, data size GB to petabytes and millions of page hits for key decision indicators. We are ready for the new Normal...






We are maturing...we are laying the foundations to our Business solutions, brick by brick...we continue to focus not on the superlatives..rather focus on being a comprehensive, yet a simple solution for your enable you with the pulse of your business, the way you want..

Our Analytics Application solutions span the entire life cycle of client's analytics requirement and brings in solution specific functional components to provide an end to end solution.

For e.g. Our CCRM solution spans the entire life cycle of client relationship management including wallet sizing,performance 360, pricing optimization, advisory recommendations, portfolio segmentation and much more...

We are your Consult to Deploy partners, engaged with you to jointly address your business challenges... across the spectrum and the canvas of your business...See how we have helped the biggest in the business...

For a quick peek into our other solutions, click here

  • Customer Centric Relationship Management
  • Client Working Capital Analytics
  • Risk Early Warning Solution
  • Transaction Process Optimization
  • Pricing Optimization Engine

For a quick peek into our other solutions, click here

Fulkrum, our latest passion, represents our biggest step forward in enterprise data analytics. Fulkrum is built around the tenets of speed, scale and unified solutions, while being secure and cloud ready for tomorrow’s evolution.


For all the new, our clients (and us) continue to remain loyal and depend on our existing workhorse which just received a massive new upgrade - Vital 2.2. With features like the workflow engine, rule engine, entity resolution capabilities, Tranformix, and slice and dice functions to name a few, Vital 2.2 is feature rich and more powerful than ever.


While we continue to unveil new products, and solve ever-growing complexities, we keep an eye out on what the future holds for us and our industry as a whole. Our big bets are on three specific areas that we feel will define our next stage of evolution.